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#IWD24: Women in Construction – Untapped Potential

International Women’s Day is an important opportunity to call for more inclusivity and diversity within the construction industry. Every week we chronicle the serious labour/skills shortage across this industry; frankly, the need for construction to attract new talent into the industry has never been greater. 

International Women’s Day, while criticised for being tokenistic, is a stark reminder of untapped potential women represent for the industry. While this is still a predominantly male field, we are, as a whole, very aware of the need to make construction more attractive as a career option to everyone, at every level of their careers. From project management and engineering, to sustainable design and technology integration, women and the next generation of talent offer diverse perspectives that are needed to drive improvement across the industry. 

Through the use of offsite and other modern methods of construction, or MMC, and through the growing demand for sustainable and innovative building solutions, the construction sector is experiencing a shift. The makeup of our workforce needs to shift alongside this. We need to keep pace. According to a recent article in the Irish Times by John FitzGerald ( recent data is showing a decrease in building employment and investment and a 5% decline in the employment of Irish workers in construction over the past year. 

In 2023, in an effort to combat this growing concern, we launched the #ImInConstruction campaign with Ireland’s first and youngest female tower crane operator, Kate Fahey, to showcase the industry in a new light ( Through this campaign we showed that a career in construction is not necessarily muddy boots on the ground – although those boots on the ground are very IWD important! There are opportunities for everyone; any gender, any age, and from a wide range of educational backgrounds and disciplines. 

At Townmore, we are not just participants in the industry; we strive to be proactive leaders committed to encouraging and enabling change. Through collaboration with organisations like the Construction Industry Federation (CIF), Townmore plays an instrumental role in campaigns designed to showcase women in the industry. These initiatives aim to break down stereotypes, highlight success stories, and encourage more women to consider careers in construction. By shining a spotlight on the achievements and potential of women in the field, and showing the amazing projects they are working on to shape skylines across the country, we hope to inspire a new generation of talent. 

Beyond gender diversity, the construction industry’s future hinges on attracting the next generation. Offsite and other modern construction of methods, demand new skills and innovative thinking. Townmore Construction is deeply invested in nurturing this talent, advocating for improved education and training opportunities. By increasing awareness and interest among young people, we aim to pave the way for a more vibrant, skilled, and diverse workforce.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s clear that the path to a more inclusive, innovative, and thriving construction industry requires collective action. Through our efforts and partnerships, we look forward to welcoming more women and diverse applicants into the fold. In doing so, the company not only contributes to the sector’s growth but also to the development of a more resilient and dynamic economy. 

The future of construction is bright, with diversity and innovation at its core, and Townmore Construction is leading the charge toward this sustainable industry future.


#IWD24: Women in Construction - Untapped Potential