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Townmore: Building Safely Together

Townmore Construction places huge importance on the safety and sustainability of our people and our business. As such, we endeavour to provide a safe and healthy workplace across all company operations and projects. Through our Building Safely Together ideology, the Townmore team, leaders and project stakeholders reaffirm our commitment to developing and maintaining a culture that proactively promotes occupational safety and health, one that strives to prevent personal injury and to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.


To achieve our commitment of Building Safely Together, we shall ensure:

– Adherence to health and safety standards are a core value of the business and through continuous improvement in Building Safely Together, we shall ensure competent leadership at all levels, taking action to enable a safe and healthy workplace

– Our stakeholders and contractors align with our safety vision and are committed to achieving common objectives, behaviours and culture through our SEE-SAY-EXCEED programme

– That an environment of continuous improvement drives a healthy and safe workplace


To achieve our commitment of Building Safely Together, we will provide:

– A structure and organisation to support the implementation of this statement

– Quality information, instruction and training for our staff

– Empower our employees to act in a safe manner and to care for their health 

– Ensure adequate resources and access to competent health and safety advice and support 

– Arrangements for contractors engaging with our employees and stakeholders

– Ensure appropriate recognition for achievements in health and safety 


As an employee or stakeholder of Building Safely Together, we expect that you:

– Actively engage with our SEE-SAY-EXCEED programme in the identification and actioning of poor and unsafe work practices

– Lead by example in undertaking a CHECK4SAFETY before commencing each task and, when planning activities, eliminate, reduce or control risks in so far as is reasonably practical

– Assume responsibility for yourself and others who may be affected by your activities

– Demonstrate positive safety awareness behaviour when influencing other stakeholders to align with the Townmore vision and policy

– Share best practice and knowledge, information, training and achievements to promote positive health and safety within the workplace

– Create a work environment where our staff and stakeholders feel safe, secure and valued


*From Q1 2021, all Townmore team members, project stakeholders and supply chain will be required to sign up to this safety mandate*