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Procore Construction Technologies: Keeping Townmore Projects on Schedule

Last week we published Townmore’s top 5 construction tech picks for the next decade:  A New Decade of Construction (link here: Construction software and project management tools topped that list. While these might well be considered the least exciting form of innovation, we know from experience that they are amongst the most relevant and impactful tools for effective construction project management. Also, this is very often the first big step towards digital transformation and the first digital innovation investment for many Irish contractors.


  With this in mind, we chatted to Leigh Kearney, BIM & Design Manager with Townmore, to find out about the company’s recent investment in Procore Technologies for the Construction Industry. 



What exactly can the Procore system do and how will it be used? 


“Procore is an all-in-one Construction Management Platform that will allow us to manage our Project Management, Quality & Safety, Design Coordination and Drawings, to name a few. It is a Project Collaboration tool and will allow Design Teams & Clients access to use the software also. Townmore Directors will have real-time access to an Executive Dashboard that will update them on the project progress. Reports can be easily generated also to bring to various internal and external meetings. Quality & Safety Inspection Reports can be easily implemented to suit our current company templates. Procore is an online platform, with iOS and Android apps available to be downloaded and used throughout our multiple sites. This Digital Transition will allow for a significant decrease in paper-based material on our multiple sites, instead all the information is available on Procore. This will result in a highly efficient CDE (Common Data Environment) for all users.”


Why is now the right time to introduce this new technology to Townmore? 


“Townmore are maintaining a managed expansion of the company and this investment in Procore is a clear and robust statement to clients and Design Teams that Townmore is geared up and ready to compete with the best contractors in Ireland and the UK. Technology is an ever-growing aspect of construction and Procore allows Townmore to keep a step ahead of slow-adapting competitors. Various BIM mandates are being introduced and Procore allows the streamlining of these mandates throughout our company. For contemporary construction, efficiency is everything on-site and Procore has shown to save hours of work for employees on-site due to its ease of use and quality features, including generating various reports. This will allow our staff to spend more time carrying out duties on-site and less time sitting in front of a laptop filling out reports, which will benefit Townmore greatly.”


How will use of this benefit Townmore clients? 


“Procore allows us to streamline projects to offer our clients excellent value for money, with the assurance of quality.  This platform ensures a whole range of ancillary benefits from increased health and safety, right through to adherence with the original cost schedule. 

And as mentioned above, it helps to position Townmore in the minds of client so they have a clear sense of the scale, resources and capabilities of the company to take on and deliver large-scale projects.”


Use of innovative technologies gives companies a unique competitive edge, what key benefit for Townmore is expected through Procore? 


“I feel when it comes to pre-quals and tenders, the use of Procore will give Townmore a competitive edge, over and above our existing attributes. Many other contractors will use various platforms in the overall project, however, Townmore will solely use Procore, resulting in all the information being stored within one location and easily accessed by all team members. All Townmore employees along with Design Team members will receive extensive training from both myself and through online certification courses to leverage and maximise the benefits of Procore. Overall, Townmore will create a workforce where Procore will become second-nature to all employees which will benefit both the company and clients going-forward.”



Any noteworthy features? 


“Townmore are particularly keen on tracking all email correspondences for each individual project. The email module on Procore is very impressive, an Outlook plug-in is available to download for all users. Also, the platform comes with impressive Procore Certification Courses, 24/7 Customer Support, Training Videos and Support Center.”



About Townmore: 

Established in 2008, Townmore is led by Managing Director James Godley and Directors Kevin Enright, Seamus Quirke and Denis Lahart. The company currently employs more than 100 people across a range of specialist sectors. The firm is headquartered in Offaly, with offices in Dublin, London and Cork.