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  • Townmore supports the Tasnuva Shamim Foundation Ireland this Christmas

Townmore supports the Tasnuva Shamim Foundation Ireland this Christmas

~ Originally published by Building Ireland Magazine 


There is no doubt about it, Christmas brings out the very best in people.  It is an important time of the year to reflect and take stock of how fortunate we are and how much we have, even if it doesn’t always feel that way.


At Christmas time, many people get involved in charity organisations and find a way to give back, however, for Townmore’s crane driver, Eugene Hill, doing good is not just a seasonal activity. He dedicates his spare time to a charity all year round. It takes special people to spend time helping others and when Eugene told us about the Tasnuva Shamim Foundation Ireland, all the staff and management here at Townmore wanted to do our part. 


Every year we send out gifts and treats to our clients and associates, it’s something of a Christmas tradition here in Ireland. However, this year we wanted to make a conscious effort to help in a more impactful way. Instead of giving gifts that are are genuinely not needed, this year we are making a significant donation to a most deserving cause, the Tasnuva Shamim Foundation Ireland. We are proud of the work that Eugene is doing and we are proud of our own team in their support of him and the organisation. 


When Eugene told us about the people the foundation helps, how people cope when they don’t have homes or when they live without the basic necessities that most of us take for granted, we were deeply affected and prompted to action. It is difficult to imagine living in a world where you can’t access simple toiletries and hygiene products. How would you brush your teeth without a toothbrush or toothpaste and how do you shave without running water or razors? For people who are homeless, this is a way of life and this is devastatingly sad. 


Eugene Hill has been involved with Tasnuva Shamim Foundation Ireland for several years and during this time he says, “It opens your eyes to how grateful we should be and how close any one of us might be to the breadline.” Eugene became involved through a friend and he spoke of his first visit to the Foundation one Friday night. He was deeply humbled to witness the work the Foundation did, with such generosity of spirit. Soon Eugene brought along others to help and it is now a normal part of his life. 

When we spoke with Eugene about the work the charity does he is happy, animated and passionate. For him, it is vital to help those in need and to make sure people have clothes, food and basic necessities. As a crane driver, Eugene is busy and works long hours but he does not let a heavy workload get in the way of his volunteering. He and the other people involved in the foundation are truly inspirational – although they don’t see it like this, they are just doing what they can with what they have.  


The charity itself was first established by the parents of  a young girl, Tasnuva Shamim who has health struggles. Eleven-year-old Tasnuva was diagnosed at birth with cerebral palsy, microcephaly, epilepsy, cystic encephalomalacia and an intellectual disability. Inspired by her difficult journey, her parents, Shagor Ahmed and Nasrim Ahmed Shamim, who moved to Ireland from Bangladesh in 2003, founded the Tasnuva Shamim Foundation Ireland.  The Foundation has grown from helping the differently-abled to now feeding homeless people. The issue of homelessness in Dublin is particularly critical for the Shamims’ Foundation and they are doing fantastic work in helping those in need. 


We asked Eugene how we could support this cause and according to Eugene, it is simple. He tells us “Donating food, clothes, travel packs and tents is a great help.” Furthermore, the public can get involved by donating to the charity via the details below and please reference your donation. 


Account name: Tasnuva Shamim Foundation Ireland CLG

Account no: 87574110

Sort: 90-45-87

IBAN: IE86 BOFI 9045 8787 5741 10


Branch: Northern Cross

Tasnuva Shamim Foundation Ireland vision is to passionately do social services activities that help promote ethnic communities integration and contribution to the development of Irish society. For more details on the charity you can find out more here.